UX Designer,Web Designer,Graphic Designer,Frontend Developer

Name: Brad Rohlen

Profile: UX Designer

Email: bradrohlen@gmail.com


UX Design and research 100%
Sketch and InVision 90%
Adobe Creative Suite 85%
Wireframimg 95%
About me

Mantra: “Dream. Think. Do.”

Currently a Senior UX Designer for Vanguard, working on cutting-edge customer experiences on the web, mobile, print, and beyond.

Over fifteen years of design experience, a pixel perfector in everything created, a nerd of User Experience, and a HTML-CSS-Javascript coding addict. I lead projects, I improve processes, and I love collaboration.

Great Design

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

My philosophy

Every UI project should begin with a thorough examination of customer requirements and project goals.

First impressions count

It’s said that potential customers decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not to leave a website.

Create Personality

The best experiences are those we can not only see and hear, but also feel. Such web experiences establishes its personality.


My passion is to create user-minded designs that are aesthetically pleasing, natural to use, and take every effort to reduce waste. I believe in the refining power of simplicity and elegance through the fusion of logic and creative inspiration. I embrace the humility of the function that each design serves for the user. Lastly, I create experiences that tell stories and leave people with their jaws on the floor.


The Web is a means to communicate, and whenever communicating, it needs to know what needs to be said, to whom, and how. Because the majority of design decisions should be based on customers' goals and expectations, answering these questions up front provides an effective means for keeping a Web project on track and helps establishes the tone, personality, and attitude of a Web application or Web site.

My Work

Here is just a sample at some of the work I have done.